Lord Help Us, The Recorder Makes an Entrance

We’ve just passed a milestone here at the House of Shit. I had thought we would skate by checking this one off the parental bucket list but apparently not. My daughter recently switched schools and after her first day at the new school she came home with the most dreaded piece of equipment any school age […]

Today I am Grateful for the Grateful Dead

I got a case of the U.S. Blues due to so much happening on Shakedown Street. There is little Help on the Way for the citizens of this country, no matter how much Fire is on the Mountain. No matter how much we Turn on the Love Light it feels like a lost cause, even if the Eyes […]

Oh Shit! I am Sharing My First Concert!!

Growing up I loved music and I still do. It has been a part of every good, and bad decision, I have made in my life. I grew up in the 80’s – not a lot of awesome bands came out of the 80’s. I loved INXS, Duran Duran, U2, and the Violent Femmes but […]

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