My A**hole Neighbors Strike Again

Some shit in my life I can’t even make up if I tried. The house next door to me has a long running history of assholes living there. There have been three home owners in the last fifteen years and all have had their fair share of dick moves. I think the house is just […]

My Elitist Asshole Neighbor

This past weekend my neighbor had the audacity to stand at my fence and tap on his watch to signal to the gentlemen mowing my lawn that 7 pm on a Saturday night was an unacceptable time for such atrocities. He also felt that including his 12 year old son in his showmanship was warranted. This […]

A Little Neighborly F*$% You

We have all heard the stories about neighbors from hell, and some of us are lucky enough to live next to them. I am personally surrounded by assholes, however after hearing about these people I have to say mine don’t seem all that bad. Either that or maybe I should try instituting some of these […]

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