My Awkward, yet Authentic, Honduran ‘Spa’ Experience

Because it’s me and shit ALWAYS goes wrong there were a few moments on my trip I could have done without. While on my second dive I went to look up and had shooting pain down my shoulder, leaving me only able to look down. This is not the safest scenario when scuba diving since […]

Injectables for Ladies Lower Lips

In the quest for youth women love to inject shit into their bodies. Throughout the world there are foreheads refusing to move at a hysterical joke, lips that mimic a fish, boobs that could suffocate a person, asses that can have a quarter bounced off of and not from exercise but from collagen. Fat is sucked […]

The Brazilian Wax From Hell

Our anniversary is the next day and I decide upon the perfect gift to wow my man. I call my local salon and book an appointment for a Brazilian Bikini Wax. This is virgin territory for me and I am a little concerned. I was counseled to take 3 Advil and drink a 1/2 glass of wine. I […]

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