A Visit with my Psychologist

Today I am headed to my psychologist. I don’t write a lot about my therapy stuff because seriously who wants to know that I am certifiable? Ok, well maybe a few of you want to know. I can best be described as moody, but probably a more accurate description is that I am a royal […]

The Surviving Mental Illness Through Humor Book is HERE

A year ago I wrote a post about my own personal struggles with panic attacks. I had never spoken publicly¬†about the issues I have and how they have impacted me.¬†I thought I had been doing a great job keeping my demons at bay until I had a major attack at the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Conference […]

The Moment the Panic Began

We all use to be something, use to be able to do something, and then it changed. Most of the times it is a gradual shift and you don’t recognize the exact moment it changed. And other times you know right down to the second. You can transport yourself to that event without even blinking […]

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