Fifty Shades of Autism

“Just as no two snowflakes are the same and everyone has a unique set of fingerprints there are shades of autism.” I tell my twelve year old son. The older he gets the more aware he has become of others who hold the same diagnosis he does. “Mom, this boy at tutoring is weird. He […]

Lord Help Us, The Recorder Makes an Entrance

We’ve just passed a milestone here at the House of Shit. I had thought we would skate by checking this one off the parental bucket list but apparently not. My daughter recently switched schools and after her first day at the new school she came home with the most dreaded piece of equipment any school age […]

Why a Mom Can’t Take a Bath

The other night I did something that was so impractical and selfish it was amazing. Something I have only done a handful of times since living in my home the last fourteen years. I’ve always been held back by the ‘after mess’, and let’s not even discuss the awkward dismount. But Friday I was pushed […]

A Mother’s Christmas List

This year I’ve set the Christmas wish list bar pretty low. In the past I have dreamed of beautiful sweaters, that I ear marked, circled the size, and lovingly put the catalog in my husband’s lap. I’ve scrolled through winter coat after winter coat online to find the perfect one to wrap myself in warmth […]

My Kids Are Lazy, Help A Momma Out

My kids are lazy, and yes I know I have a hand in this as well. I’m not in denial, I realize they are lazy because I just don’t force them to do more around the house. The thing is, whenever I see any of their shit left lying around I call them out on […]

The HOA Has Created A Bunch of A-holes

There is a rampant amount of douchery going on in neighborhoods around America and I have had it. When the fuck did it become common to just report people to the ‘Almighty Neighborhood Mafia’ (HOA) without first attempting to converse with the offender, and by offender I mean neighbor. WHY can people not walk across […]

The Bad & Ugly of Road Tripping With Kids

I got the crazy idea to drive twelve hours with my kids and husband to visit my parents for Easter four days before the actual trip. Yes, clearly I am an awesome planner. I checked plane tickets but at almost $3K for four tickets I realized that was NOT happening. When I sprung the news on the […]

Enough With the F*cking Snack Bags!

This post will undoubtedly get me on some ‘She Never Should Have Had Kids’ list but truthfully I don’t give a fuck. Something needs to be said, and I am more than happy to be the one to say it. And for those who think I should never have had kids you can shove it, my […]

You Asked, Here’s the Answers

I have been blogging for just about two years now and have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people both virtually and in real life. I have to say it’s pretty awesome making a connection with like minded people, even if we don’t live anywhere near each other. I felt like it was time I […]

42 Things I have learned as a Parent

Parenting is hard work. I’m not gonna say it’s the hardest, cause well I would imagine there are many many other jobs that are even more demanding and have little to no pay with zero appreciation tied to them. Shit just look around the globe, and there are countless examples. But even with that disclaimer, […]

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