When A Gift is More Than You Expect

  My mother is going through a bit of nesting since my father’s recent passing. She has begun working her way through 50 years of belongings and realizing she probably doesn’t need them all, and who better to give these priceless family relics (dust collectors) to then her daughters. I live twelve hours away so […]

Old Habits Die Hard

My parents are old school. They insist their formal living room be maintained as the official greeter of all guests. It is the host to all of the entertaining they do. Here’s the thing – they don’t host anything. I think the last event at their house was 12 years ago when my sister got married. […]

Parents, Curses, and Vaginas

My parents are embarrassed I curse. According to my mom cursing is only for behind closed doors or when she’s driving. I try to respect them and know well enough to never drop a F-bomb when I am in their presence. My dad dislikes even ‘crude’ words (‘pissed’ will quickly get you a look and a […]

Thanksgiving Conversations with My Mother

This year for Thanksgiving The Hubs and I are dividing and conquering family fun. It will be the first time in 15 years we do not spend a holiday together. He is from Detroit and I am from NJ. The Hubs is headed to the Motor City to enjoy the NFL game with our son and […]

How to Download Minecraft Mods, For Dummies

My son recently got a new laptop and asked his college educated parents to download a mod for his beloved game Minecraft. It is hard to explain Minecraft if you have never seen it, but if you have kids chances are you know the hell we are about to embark on. First up was The Hubs. […]

10 Things to Expect When Visiting My Parents

Ahh…summertime the time of family vacations and visiting your family. Many people enjoy this reconnecting with loved ones, and many don’t. I am somewhere in the middle – like most people. My parents do things that can be aggravating to even the most patient and loving child. Since I am neither of those things they […]

Top Stupid Girls Names 2013

When naming your child I believe it is important to consider that this human being actually has to go through life with the name you selected. Seems an obvious, but some parents missed the memo. Last week I highlighted The Top Stupid Boys Names of 2013 and this week the girls are up, and wow […]

I Am NOT A Homemaker

Recently I have filled out a few forms that have asked for my occupation. I wish I could select any of the many positions that I accomplish each day: Child Wrangler Dog Owner Husband strangler House Wrestler But sadly these are never options. You know what my options are? Employed or Homemaker, alluding that if […]

A DNA Testing Mobile, WTF?!

A friend of mine posted a picture of a DNA testing mobile (emblazoned with – Who’s Your Daddy?!) on her Facebook page and I was instantly like – seriously WTF is this! I mean come on people…a truck that drives around New York City testing clients for paternity? What in the hell is this world […]

Valentine’s Day TaJ Mahals? WTF!

I have to admit I never heard of making your child a Valentine’s Day card box until the amazing and hysterical Lisa from Notes from the Shallow End mentioned it in an online group we are in together. She was  saying that she has to make them for her kids for school. I was stumped…what […]

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