Are You Pregnant or is That a Food Baby?

Today I am over at In The Powder Room providing a public service announcement on when is it ok to ask a woman if she is pregnant. This may seem like an obvious, however it is always a good idea to review. To go read about the many instances of when it may not be […]

Training for Motherhood

  People train for marathons and careers – but can you train for Motherhood? I say yes. Nothing prepared me for motherhood like my first job – bussing tables at a pancake restaurant during the crazy summer tourist season. I was forced to think quick on my feet, work long hours for bad pay, was […]

Is That a Baby in Your Pants?

This was seriously the title of a TLC episode of ‘I Didn’t know I was Pregnant’. I was flipping through the channels and this caught my eye, how could it not? I turned to it because seriously I just had to watch this. I missed the first few minutes, but the show was just getting […]

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