If I Were A Disney Princess

I know when you think of The Shitastrophy you think – “Total Disney Princess.” I have a lot of the princess qualities – my vocabulary is very refined, I can hold a tune as well as any tone deaf person, animals flock to me, I have long flowing hair that I wear in the same […]

Oh Shit! I had a Craft Win!!

This week I was featured over at Craftfail.com. I felt I needed to try to redeem myself a bit, after all not every craft I have taken on has ended so badly. Hell, some have actually resulted in being displayed in my home – year round to showcase my win. My husband should be happy there […]

Craft Fail…Shitastrophy Style

It should come as no surprise that a craft I did was a complete fail. For the record, I have done a few craft projects over the span of my life that were good – hell a few were even great. But more times than I care to admit, my foray into crafting has turned […]

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