The Dorito As the Holy Trinity, Or Not

The other day we were driving home from some kid activity when my daughter announced with gusto from the backseat of the car, “I GOT IT!”, while shoveling handfuls of┬áDoritos in her mouth. (I’m all about healthy snacks) I wasn’t really sure what the hell she was talking about, so I bit. “What do you […]

Morning Hell, or Heaven?

Most mornings in my house consist of me waking and dreading the next hour of my day. It is nonstop action from the moment my feet hit the floor, and believe me I’d rather them not. I have two dogs that insist upon being walked and fed before any other activity in the house is […]

Jesus is Just Hanging in the Hood

Yesterday I highlighted a large creepy statue of the Mother Mary in someone’s front lawn. You can read about it here, if you missed it. You would think this was more of an aberration, than a constant in the town I live in, but it is not. People love their religion, and even more they […]

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