The Dorito As the Holy Trinity, Or Not

The other day we were driving home from some kid activity when my daughter announced with gusto from the backseat of the car, “I GOT IT!”, while shoveling handfuls of Doritos in her mouth. (I’m all about healthy snacks) I wasn’t really sure what the hell she was talking about, so I bit. “What do you […]

Lord Help Us, The Recorder Makes an Entrance

We’ve just passed a milestone here at the House of Shit. I had thought we would skate by checking this one off the parental bucket list but apparently not. My daughter recently switched schools and after her first day at the new school she came home with the most dreaded piece of equipment any school age […]

Grocery Store Fail

I’m not gonna lie, the kids finally leaving for school was pretty nice. You know what I did with all that free time? I worked, uninterrupted for hours. It was divine. I started a project and was actually able to devout real time to it! I don’t think I can stress how close I was […]

23 Reasons My Kids Need to Go Back-to-School

Summer is taking its toll on me, and probably you too. The kids are home and by now I have exhausted all possible tactics to keep them out from under my feet. I have farmed them out to friends, imported the same friends, hired sitters, and feigned illness all just to get some alone time. […]

May you Bitch!

Ahhhh May, so much goes on during the month of May. The flowers bloom and my son’s allergies explode rendering him an 80 year old man. The last nine months have both crawled and flown by, my sanity is in question, and the reality of summer looms large. By May I have abandoned trying to make good […]

10 Ways To Get Out of School Early

Dear Children of Mine, Each week I seem to have at least one of you contacting me to request I pick you up from school early. The reasons run the gauntlet from illness, aches and pains, to a general dislike of your day. I have clearly explained the requirements that must be met in order to […]

Why We Chose Montessori

I am the mother of a moment maker. I use to grumble at this title. I was constantly giving up moments to his teachers for various issues he had during the day. I never thought that I would one day accept my moment maker for what he is – perfect. Through the years, my moment […]

Another Damn Snow Day?!

My kids are off school today for yet another snow/cold as shit/arctic ass blast of air. Yes, I understand the reasoning for having my precious little chitlins home, again, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it – because I don’t. See I send my kids to school (other than the obvious learning and […]

The Twelve of Christmas Break

It’s the season my children are home for an extended vacation from school. Yay Me. There will be lots of threats, tears, and beer at the House of Shit. There is no avoiding it. Mix in the overload of food (dishes), friends (messes), and forced family fun time and I will be ready for them to go back to […]

My Kids Need to Go Back To School, STAT!

Days are getting long and nerves are getting short here at the homestead. My nerves are getting frayed like an old rug.  I don’t know why I though working from home while having two children here full time would be possible, because it is not. I have chauffeured to the point of break. I have […]

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