Crazy Sex Injuries

Some people have a very adventurous sex life, and as a result sometimes things happen that leave the common man wondering how in the world did you ever think that was a good idea. I mean most people have had some hot and heavy moments in their lives but have you ever looked at your […]

She Used WHAT in her Vagina?

Most people who have followed my blog for sometime know I am no prude. I have gotten on stage in front of thousands of people and tried to blow up a condom when I was in Cancun on Spring Break (I lost, those fuckers are hard to keep in your mouth!). I wrote a piece about The Best Vibrator on […]

My Other Love

Often times when you are deep in the throws of infatuation you miss the negative things about your new special friend. They may be a little rough around the edges, or clingy. Maybe they send you on a rush only for you to crash into an exhausted ball. Maybe they are too crunchy, or corny. But it doesn’t […]

Awkward Kid Conversations

I have a fight or flight mentality, and flight is my go to reaction for all things awkward. This normally comes into play when one of my kids asks me something that I would prefer to have the sky open up and swallow me whole then answer. However as a parent I would rather my […]

An Awkward Intercourse

Today’s funny guest blogger is one I hope you all know already, and if you don’t – please get on that shit ASAP! It is Darcy from I have had the pleasure of meeting Darcy a few times and I have to say she is a genuine funny, kind, and cool lady that this […]

WTF is THAT on My Nipple?!

This week’s featured guest blogger is funny as all shit, please give a warm Shitastrophy welcome to Foxy Wine Pocket! I had an opportunity to meet Foxy in real life this summer, and she truly is one foxy lady. But even better then her good looks, and love of wine, is her writing. She is […]

Sex Toys for Dogs, WTF?

Pets are a wonderful addition to any home. Our home has two Bernese Mountain Dogs that we love dearly. They provide non-stop shredding, pooping, panting, slobbering, farting and more. The kids love them with all their heart, The Hubs puts up with them, and I am smitten. The biggest problem with our massive 100 lb. […]

Will You Get a Blow Job?

As a woman I am privy to conversations with other women in regards to umm…blow jobs, head, robbin the knobbin, etc. One friend of mine has confided with me the age old wisdom her mother passed down to her on her wedding day – once he says “I do” you get to say “I don’t”. […]

Awkward Conversations with My Employees, part II

I have been sharing awkward conversations I have had with employees in a past lifetime. I highlighted the conversation with Milton about the peter trimming he was getting done in preparation for his big wedding day. You can read all about that here. Today I am sharing a lovely little story about another truck driver. […]

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