Shit Happens at White House Black Market

Shit happens to me on a somewhat regular basis. Just the other day, I needed to partake in some retail therapy so I headed to my favorite store, White House Black Market. Typically I don’t shop, like ever, and when I do it is because I have an event which lures me into the store. So […]

The Best Holiday Shit Gift List

  It is the time of the year when we frantically search for that perfect gift for loved ones, neighbors, co-workers, and other people that have impacted our lives in the last year. Some people are easy to shop for, sweater for Grandpa – check, pound cake for Aunt Louise – check, gift card to […]

30 Thoughts on Autism

My son was diagnosed in April of 2014 with Autism. We already knew but now he is official, it’s like he got the Good Housekeeping Seal of Autism Approval. Yay us. Since coming out with our exciting diagnosis people have offered condolences (he’s not dying, but thanks), some have asked who diagnosed him (a random […]

An Intentional Shitting

Recently this story was highlighted as part of’s Valentine’s Day Interview Series – you can read about it here. They only shared a blurb, so I am giving the whole enchilada. Actually, you might not want to eat while reading this. And yes, it really did happen – sigh. My soon-to-be husband and I […]

The Twelve Days AFTER Christmas

Enough with the 12 Days Before Christmas, I have created the 12 Days AFTER Christmas – when shit gets real. If you want to know what the next two weeks may look like here is a glimpse into having the kids home from school. The Twelve Days After Christmas   On the first day after […]

When Shit Falls from the Sky

Shitastrophy’s happen to everyone in my family. It is a problem of epic proportions. One of the earliest Shitastrophy’s I can remember was when I was about 10 years old on a family trip to Florida. Our family only vacationed at Disney. Why I have no idea. It was the antithesis of everything my parents […]

Is That a Baby in Your Pants?

This was seriously the title of a TLC episode of ‘I Didn’t know I was Pregnant’. I was flipping through the channels and this caught my eye, how could it not? I turned to it because seriously I just had to watch this. I missed the first few minutes, but the show was just getting […]

A Public Restroom Shitastrophy

I was attending a fund raiser for my son’s school that involved a very nice a cocktail hour, sit down dinner, silent auction, and some guest speakers. Since we are fancy people it was jacket/tie type of thing. The weather was not cooperating at all. It was pouring rain, windy, and cold. This meant the […]

I know my Shit

One year we opted to go to Langhorne, PA before visiting my family in NJ. Oh, you don’t know what is in Langhorne, PA? You must not be a parent of a child between 1 – 4 years old, or you have completely blocked it out if you are. It is where Sesame Street Place […]

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