Shit Happens at White House Black Market

Shit happens to me on a somewhat regular basis. Just the other day, I needed to partake in some retail therapy so I headed to my favorite store, White House Black Market. Typically I don’t shop, like ever, and when I do it is because I have an event which lures me into the store. So […]

Why Shopping Sucks

Recently I went to the mall in search of one thing – a pair of black pants. I tried on at least 25 pairs of black pants before I settled on a pair. The fact that I have five pairs of black pants in my closet and needed another pair (they all shrank) was a […]

Why Women have Shitty Bras

I hate bra shopping – actually I don’t just hate, I loathe it. Eventually though I am forced to break down and purchase some bras. I don’t think I am alone on this either. I have yet to hear one lady squeal with delightment about the possibility of purchasing undergarments. At one point my husband coyly suggested I freshen […]

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