My Solo Trip to Dominica, Part I

I just got back from my ‘Walkabout’ – if you missed where and why I suggest you read my post Holy Hell I’m In A Funk. Basically my life had beat me down to the point of no return. In order to regain my sanity I undertook a solo trip to the Nature Isle of […]

Why Flying With Kids Isn’t That Bad After All

It has been years since I boarded a plane and went anywhere solo. Recently I did just that and although it was a nice escape (to my parents), I did miss a few things – not everything – about flying with them. Luggage – My whole bag strategy when traveling with my kids is to […]

Pray for Me, I’m Gonna Need It

The Hubs left today for TWO WEEKS. He is going back to school to get his MBA at the University of Tennessee. It is a year long program where he will be gone for two week increments numerous times throughout this year. And although he travels A LOT for his job right now, he has […]

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