The Truth About Vacationing with Kids

The evolution of a vacationing with my kids goes something like this…. The week prior to departure I am busy creating piles all over my dining room table. I make lists upon lists, and buy enough snacks to feed an army…or two kids on a five hour flight. Cameras are charged, backup batteries are charged, and electronic […]

Pool Mom Fail

I live in the Midwest where there is no gradual change to pool time. One week it is 30 degrees and a week later you are trying to decide if it really is ok to put the A/C on even though your bedroom is 82 degrees. As a result pool season kinda sneaks up on me. […]

May you Bitch!

Ahhhh May, so much goes on during the month of May. The flowers bloom and my son’s allergies explode rendering him an 80 year old man. The last nine months have both crawled and flown by, my sanity is in question, and the reality of summer looms large. By May I have abandoned trying to make good […]

My Summer in Numbers

Summers Coming! Summers Coming! Growing up this meant long days at the beach playing running bases, hide and seek, and truth or dare. It meant swimming, sunning, and playing. If it was cloudy or windy we still went to the beach and, as long as it wasn’t lightning, and we stayed all day until dinner […]

The 8 Moms You See at the Pool

It is the time of the year when I head off to the pool to sun myself on the most uncomfortable chairs ever made. Every pool has them. Typically there are only two choices the hard plastic lounge chair that numbs your ass after 40 minutes, regardless of how many towels you sit on (and no kids […]

Swimsuit Shopping Fail

I haven’t bought a new swim suit in a few years. I can think of a bazillion things I would rather spend my money on then something that makes me realize I have more problem spots then I was aware of. I could call my mother for a run down of what I need to work […]

Goodbye Dear Friend

I have a confession to make. I hope my hubs doesn’t see this………..but I take a nap – almost daily. I think he knows I nap pretty regularly since I never go to bed when he does, and he knows I like 10 hours of sleep. I can function on 8, but any less and […]

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