The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Hosting Thanksgiving

Today’s special blogger is Don Re of Don is a very funny guy that has a tendency to say it like it is, and he likes beer. Those are two of my favorite things. He blogs about random shit sometimes involving his kids, family, and job (he is a St. Louis police officer). I […]

Thanksgiving Conversations with My Mother

This year for Thanksgiving The Hubs and I are dividing and conquering family fun. It will be the first time in 15 years we do not spend a holiday together. He is from Detroit and I am from NJ. The Hubs is headed to the Motor City to enjoy the NFL game with our son and […]

Turkey Testicle Festival

I have never really thought about the parts of the Turkey that were not used –  head, feet, and testicles. Yes, the testicles – obviously only male Turkeys have this issue. Well worry no more! There are events around the country, and in Serbia (it’s international!) that feature Turkey Testicles as the main attraction. Yummy! […]

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