Flying Second Class When You’re a First Class Kinda Guy

Recently we spent eight days in Costa Rica. I learned a very important thing on this trip, that I have somehow blocked out or just plain disregarded on all our other family trips that have involved airplanes… My husband is an airplane snob. The hubs travels a lot for work and as a result he is […]

Can We Stop Making Women Bitches in TV?

Dear TV Show Writers, Would it fucking kill you all to please stop the stereotypical wife that sighs when her husband has to go to work. PLEASE. You all feel hell bent on perpetuating this belief that you have decided to write it into almost every show. Here let me paint you a picture. Wife […]

20 Signs The Honeymoon is Over

The Hubs and I have been together since 1999 and married since 2001. Over time our marriage has gone through many of the natural phases of wedded bliss. Newlywed – I tried to look nice more times than I didn’t. If I had to poop I would scurry away into another section of the house […]

He’s Not Cheating, It’s Just Some Glitter

In the last year my little princess, who is all of 8 years old, has griped about the the clothing I have purchased for her. It started small – “this shirt is scratchy” or “these pants are not soft enough”.  Did you catch the part where I made the error? That I purchased … without her […]

Forgetfulness Runs in the Family

The Hubs is a forgetter – not about important things but about things he deems unimportant. I touched on the many things he has forgotten in this post – 10 Reasons My Husband is Like a Kid. But luckily none of these are major things. Sure it was inconvenient and left me wondering WTF?! but […]

Pray for Me, I’m Gonna Need It

The Hubs left today for TWO WEEKS. He is going back to school to get his MBA at the University of Tennessee. It is a year long program where he will be gone for two week increments numerous times throughout this year. And although he travels A LOT for his job right now, he has […]

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