10 Things to Expect When Visiting My Parents

Ahh…summertime the time of family vacations and visiting your family. Many people enjoy this reconnecting with loved ones, and many don’t. I am somewhere in the middle – like most people. My parents do things that can be aggravating to even the most patient and loving child. Since I am neither of those things they […]

I Was Shark Bait, Kinda

When I was a little girl growing up at the Jersey Shore I had two run-ins with water rescues that left me being a land lover. I try to never go in the water if at all possible. The only reason I do go in the water is if an epic heat wave has struck. […]

Oh No She Didn’t

Often times I am amazed that the two kids running around my house are actually related to me. The other day I took my youngest to Sears to do some returns. She had the day off of school for some ridiculous event like a teacher in-service or something. While standing at the counter to complete […]

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