Injectables for Ladies Lower Lips

In the quest for youth women love to inject shit into their bodies. Throughout the world there are foreheads refusing to move at a hysterical joke, lips that mimic a fish, boobs that could suffocate a person, asses that can have a quarter bounced off of and not from exercise but from collagen. Fat is sucked […]

Crazy Sex Injuries

Some people have a very adventurous sex life, and as a result sometimes things happen that leave the common man wondering how in the world did you ever think that was a good idea. I mean most people have had some hot and heavy moments in their lives but have you ever looked at your […]

She Used WHAT in her Vagina?

Most people who have followed my blog for sometime know I am no prude. I have gotten on stage in front of thousands of people and tried to blow up a condom when I was in Cancun on Spring Break (I lost, those fuckers are hard to keep in your mouth!). I wrote a piece about The Best Vibrator on […]

Wait, Vaginal Dryness Is In?

  Recently it was reported women in certain areas of Africa and Indonesia are taking one for the team and ‘drying out’ their vaginas in the name of satisfying their male partners. Yup, you read that right. They are doing the exact opposite of what most women in the world are doing. Apparently vaginal dryness […]

The Brazilian Wax From Hell

Our anniversary is the next day and I decide upon the perfect gift to wow my man. I call my local salon and book an appointment for a Brazilian Bikini Wax. This is virgin territory for me and I am a little concerned. I was counseled to take 3 Advil and drink a 1/2 glass of wine. I […]

WTF is a Merkin?

There is a new word in my lexicon and it is merkin, AKA the pubic wig. How did I not know about this? Sure I have heard of ‘gherkin the merkin’ but I was under the impression merkin meant a male anatomical member and gherkin was another way to reference jerkin. Apparently I was wrong. I am […]

Is That a Baby in Your Pants?

This was seriously the title of a TLC episode of ‘I Didn’t know I was Pregnant’. I was flipping through the channels and this caught my eye, how could it not? I turned to it because seriously I just had to watch this. I missed the first few minutes, but the show was just getting […]

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