Valentine’s Day – Enough With All The Shit!

When I first met my husband he gave me a beautiful watch for Sweethearts Day. We had only been dating a short time and I was completely unaware such a day existed. My previous boyfriend knocked on my apartment door after we broke up to get his pot he had hidden in my freezer. He […]

Valentine’s Day TaJ Mahals? WTF!

I have to admit I never heard of making your child a Valentine’s Day card box until the amazing and hysterical Lisa from Notes from the Shallow End mentioned it in an online group we are in together. She was  saying that she has to make them for her kids for school. I was stumped…what […]

An Intentional Shitting

Recently this story was highlighted as part of’s Valentine’s Day Interview Series – you can read about it here. They only shared a blurb, so I am giving the whole enchilada. Actually, you might not want to eat while reading this. And yes, it really did happen – sigh. My soon-to-be husband and I […]

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