Vibrators, Dildos, and Giveaways Oh My!

Recently I attended the annual LELO red carpet event in New York City at The Pleasure Chest located on the Upper East Side. It was a small venue packed with people from all walks of life. I expected the space to be cozy, I just had no idea it would feel like a literal sardine […]

The All Time Best Vibrators

When I turned 37 I had a bit of a midlife crisis. I took stock of things in my life and decided that some shit needed to have an extra dose of spice added to it – enter the bedroom. As in sex. As in I had a sudden inclination for wanting to have a lot of […]

Hello My Little Friend

I shoulda known she would find it. The child can find anything I don’t want her to find in seconds. Chocolate boom she’s on it, new chapstick poof! It’s gone. It’s like a gift, some kids have the gift of intelligence, or athletics, my kid’s gift is finding shit. Of course I didn’t really hide it […]

LELO Discount Just for YOU!

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about The Best Vibrators (you can read my reviews here). I did the post solely on my own personal opinion, and received nothing from either company I highlighted. Well, all you horn dogs were so into my recommendations that you have been going to check out my recommendations […]

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