When A Gift is More Than You Expect

  My mother is going through a bit of nesting since my father’s recent passing. She has begun working her way through 50 years of belongings and realizing she probably doesn’t need them all, and who better to give these priceless family relics (dust collectors) to then her daughters. I live twelve hours away so […]

When to Ask if She’s Pregnant

I was recently reminded of a very embarrassing moment a few years ago that was so mortifying I had basically banished it from my brain. Our sitter at the time invited us to her wedding. She was, and still is, the most wonderful person. I swear it was like Snow White was watching our children.┬áHer […]

Our Wedding Shitastrophy

When my husband and I were engaged we lived in Indiana, were getting married in New Jersey, and building a house in Michigan. Nothing like a love triangle of stress. I recruited my retired father for an assist on identifying a hotel in New Jersey for our guests to stay at prior to the ceremony. […]

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