Worst Wedding Proposal EVER

Most women remember the moment their betrothed asked them for their hand in marriage. Normally these are well thought out escapades that involve romantic gestures and some sort of element of surprise. My own proposal involved the hubs stealing me away on a trip to Laguna Beach for a supposed business conference, however there was no […]

WTF is THAT on My Nipple?!

This week’s featured guest blogger is funny as all shit, please give a warm Shitastrophy welcome to Foxy Wine Pocket! I had an opportunity to meet Foxy in real life this summer, and she truly is one foxy lady. But even better then her good looks, and love of wine, is her writing. She is […]

Sex Toys for Dogs, WTF?

Pets are a wonderful addition to any home. Our home has two Bernese Mountain Dogs that we love dearly. They provide non-stop shredding, pooping, panting, slobbering, farting and more. The kids love them with all their heart, The Hubs puts up with them, and I am smitten. The biggest problem with our massive 100 lb. […]

A DNA Testing Mobile, WTF?!

A friend of mine posted a picture of a DNA testing mobile (emblazoned with – Who’s Your Daddy?!) on her Facebook page and I was instantly like – seriously WTF is this! I mean come on people…a truck that drives around New York City testing clients for paternity? What in the hell is this world […]

WTF Pet Holiday Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner and right about now you may be realizing there is nothing under the tree for that furry four legged pal. I remember one year I didn’t get anything for our pets and my daughter, who was about 5 at the time, got very quite and upset after we opened […]

A Little Neighborly F*$% You

We have all heard the stories about neighbors from hell, and some of us are lucky enough to live next to them. I am personally surrounded by assholes, however after hearing about these people I have to say mine don’t seem all that bad. Either that or maybe I should try instituting some of these […]

When Adult Birthday Parties Go Wrong

A couple of years ago my husband and I were invited to an acquaintance’s 42nd birthday party. Yes, that is correct it wasn’t her 40th or 50th, or shit even her 45th – it was her 42nd. We were not very close, but our kids were so I begrudgingly accepted. My close friend was also […]

Child Cage Fighting, WTF?

Up until a few days ago I had no idea that Child Cage Fighting, technically called Pankration, existed. Even more shocking is that an 3 million US children are participating in this activity. In case you haven’t heard about this you can read about it here. I’ll wait, go ahead and read it. Ok, you […]

Expecting Announcements, WTF?

Recently I was screwing around on Pinterest. If you don’t know, or use, Pinterest let me give you a quick explanation. It is a black hole. You will be innocently looking for a recipe and the next thing you know you are 2 years older and your kids are missing. It is the equivalent of a […]

Ladies Stop Disrespecting Yourselves!!

People like to adorn their vehicles with all sorts of shit. The most common are bumper stickers/magnets – though I have showcased some other bizarre things like Truck Nuts and Stuffed Animals Gone Bad. It is very easy to spot a vehicle that is advertising their Mickey Mouse loving family of six and various pets. […]

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