Worst Wedding Proposal EVER

Bay City Police Department

Bay City Police Department

Most women remember the moment their betrothed asked them for their hand in marriage. Normally these are well thought out escapades that involve romantic gestures and some sort of element of surprise. My own proposal involved the hubs stealing me away on a trip to Laguna Beach for a supposed business conference, however there was no conference and it was just us enjoying four days at a beautiful hotel nestled into the cliff right on the Pacific. It was gorgeous, and romantic, and I may have been so surprised I asked the poor man to repeat what he had just said.

I have friends who have been wined and dined, led on treasure hunts, and other crazily romantic adventures. We’ve all seen the Hollywood version of a proposal and every time a woman is left in a puddle of amazement and awe bumbling out a “YES!” while a crowd of strangers root for the man on his knee. Yes, it is very sweet and most importantly romantic.

You know what you never see in the movies? The Walmart proposal. Yup, cause nothing says high class longevity like a man on his knee on the linoleum floor in the jewelry department of your local Wal Mart. There’s just something that screams RUN, very very fast from this person, when a marriage proposal involves Walmart.

However, one lucky lady was asked on 12/30 for her hand in marriage in the Walmart of Bay City, Michigan with a ring that cost just under $30. After all Walmart is the place of low cost merchandise so it looks like he may have found the best deal ever. After requesting his beloved’s hand in marriage, over the PA system, the couple William Cornelius, Jr. and his soon to be bride Sheri Moore did what any newly engage couple would do. They went on a shopping spree…but not at Walmart, they classed it up just a hair.

The couple, deep in the throws of passion and love, took their newly minted status seriously and headed over to Spencer’s to pick up a Bride-To-Be thong, an edible thong (ewww….just ewwwww), sex candy, and a vibrator. The only issue…they didn’t pay for it. The two love birds were seen on video footage stealing their new wares undoubtedly in anticipation of celebrating their new status.

Sadly the love birds are now jail birds as they have been booked into the Bay City jail for theft. That’s one way to get your engagement announcement in the paper. Their families must be so proud.

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