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If you are looking for some of my freelance pieces click here, but if you want to know more about who I am and my life then read below. ↓↓

Originally from NJ, I now live in the Midwest but have kept my sarcastic cynical Jersey attitude. I have been described as the Andy Rooney of Stay-at-Home Moms. I share the many disasters of my life, various observations, and rants  so that you feel better about yourself or at least will know you are not alone in the insanity of life.

I live an idyllic life with the 2.5 kids (a boy, a girl, and a huge Bernese Mountain dog), and by idyllic I mean crazy. I am married although my spouse travels so much I swear to god I am really single. I am one step away from a card board cut out of him just so we remember what he looks like.

And here I am…in all my airbrushed beauty.

Herzig HeadShot Outdoors

The best way to find out all sorts of shit about me is to read this blog post: You Asked, I Tell. My FB fans asked a whole bunch of questions, I picked my favorites and give you some incite into who I am and what’s important.

Want to contact me? Send me an email at: info@theshitastrophy.com. I check it daily, or better yet like my Facebook page to get daily shit from me and message me there.

I am proud to say I have grown my Facebook page to more than 25K fans, and have successfully launched this blog to be an important participant in the online humorist group. I am honored to be counted among them. I have also co-created and edited the recent Amazon Bestseller Surviving Mental Illness Through Humor, and have an essay included in the New York Times Bestselling series I Still Just Want to Pee Alone edited by Jen Mann of People I Want to Punch in the Throat. I have contributed pieces to Scary Mommy, Huffington Post, The Mid, BlogHer, Mamapedia, BonBon Break, What the Flicka, and other popular online venues.

You can find most of my freelance writing on my Contently page. If you are interested in hiring me please send an email to AHerzigWrites@gmail.com.

Thank you!


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